monday and saturday reign supreme

Suppose you’re a book blogger keenly interested in reaching a wide audience and building a readership of sorts. Ends up there’s a best time to post that gem you’ve been polishing. A best time to post it, and a best time to receive (and hence respond to) comments. Curious? Take a peek below. Fortunately, Mr. Interpolations abandoned the quest for a wide audience a long time ago. That’s why he digs Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the hope that Saturdays will turn up a few thoughtful remarks, every now and then. So. Is this graphic consistent with your experience? Will it change your posting habits? Or do you blog for strictly personal reasons, having little or nothing to do with the roving eyes of others? Do tell. This enquiring mind wants to know. Come Saturday, that is.

 (Infographic courtesy of KISSmetrics.)


12 Responses to monday and saturday reign supreme

  1. Fascinating. I do look at the hit stats on my posts but I don’t really organise my posting to maximise them, other than to usually avoid posting on weekends. I don’t find Monday the biggest day – it’s usually Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Weekends tend to have fewer hits, but it’s possible I get a few more comments on Sunday/Monday WHICH brings me to the main point. I’m guessing the stats are US-centric – so morning here, downunder, is NOT morning in the US. Since my greatest number of hits comes from the US should I post at a time that makes it morning in the US? BUT 9am in one part of the US is midday in another part – so what should one do?

    So, while I like hits and comments, they’re not what drive me. There’s no way I can post more frequently than I do (which averages around 14 per month – way less than more than one per day!). And I don’t have the energy to think through how to maximise which days and times in our global world. I just try to spread them out so there’s one every 2-3 days! (If I were in business though, that would be a different thing).

  2. Thanks for this. Time to tear up the blog. Think outside the box. Retool and repurpose.

    The shocking takeaway is that people do their web surfing early in the day, before their first meeting, while having coffee and sorting through emails. Just like I do!

    • “…While having coffee and sorting through emails…”


      You know, I can’t tell if you’re being facetious. Because you prize your anonymity, I’ve taken the liberty of building a picture of you in my mind.

      I think of Wuthers as a place where you write because you have to write. A compulsion of sorts. No?

      And it never occurred to me that you go to meetings in the morning. Given the volume and quality of your posts, I pegged you as an indepedently wealthy dot-com type who cashed out long ago!

      Time for my first meeting.

  3. Dot-com retiree – I like it! It’s not true, but I like it. No, I am a consultant, an increasingly specialized consultant.

    The rest of what you said – the compulsion part – might well be true.

  4. Richard says:

    Señor Caravana abandoned the quest for a wide audience a long time ago, too. Sometimes he gets pleasantly surprised, though, Mr. Interpolations. P.S. As a night owl, I tend to be dismissive of any advice suggesting I do anything early in the day (like posting on a blog, for example). That’s prime sleeping time for those of us who don’t have little ones!

  5. Ah, a Saturday comment! You’re too kind. Sleep Señor Caravana, sleep.

  6. Frisbee says:

    Good lord! This is hilarious. I could never follow these rules. I post when I post. My own stats tell me to write about the Pioneer Woman blog. I wrote about it once and it accounted for three-fourths of my traffic for a month.

    Marketing stuff doesn’t apply to my goofy blog. I often think I should get rid of my stats altogether, as it doesn’t affect what I write and I’m not selling anything. Stats are slightly Big Brotherish…and yet I admit they’re fascinating.

    • Long live goofy blogs! Recently I went to one of my favorite book blogs only to be subjected to 6 lame-ass ads. I wanted to punch the proprietor in the nose. Instead I composed a rant to vent my spleen and feel rather plucky for it. I will loose it upon the world when I’m damn well good and ready. I will. Hope Frisbee’s inner Frisbee is doing well. Many cheers, Kevin

  7. Jeff says:

    Like Frisbee, I don’t write with the expectation of drawing tons of readers, but I’m still fascinated by my Sitemeter stats. Why does that reader from Poland visit three times a day? Who specifically from the Executive Office of the President of the United States was trying to answer a trivia question about Indiana Jones? Even on a slow day, it’s weirdly addictive…but I can’t imagine changing my (very sporadic) blogging based on my understanding of the ebb and flow of when readers visit the site.

  8. If I had that level of granularity with WP, I’d be addicted, too!

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