the prognostications of c. mccarthy

Striking confirmation of the thesis that C. McCarthy’s fiction is sober prediction.  

“How many have you killed?” one reporter asks.

“Four,” responds the accused, who seems calm and collected in a video of the interview.

“How did you execute them?” the questioner continues.

“I slit their throats,” the teen replies.

The accused is a 14-year old American boy in Mexico who works for a drug gang. Lest you worry the child’s behavior reflects poorly on his youth and nationality, chipper up: “the defendant showed good behavior during the proceedings…” For more, read here.

2 Responses to the prognostications of c. mccarthy

  1. Dwight says:

    Calm, relaxed, and serious. I’m sure.

    I don’t know about sober prediction, but I do know that my introduciton to McCarthy was Blood Meridian in August 2001. It explained what happened the next month better than most analysts have in the past 10 years.

  2. Sober description? Anyhow, the last line in particular is spare and knife-like, with the feel of beloning in a McC narrative.

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