do the dewey, or did you know?

Say hello to a fascinating tidbit. The number of libraries in the U.S. is 10X greater than the number of McDonalds. Now put that whopper in your pipe and smoke it. Read on. See what jumps out at you. Me? Well, the projected 8% growth rate of employment for one. That’s an insanely optimistic figure. Or maybe a striking indication of how far the economy has fallen. I suppose any uptick might move the employment needle. Another thing caught my eye, and I know it caught yours, too. If you’re a librarian, you better retire in your prime. Just look at that stooped figure of a man. Age 55! That’s supposed to be the new 35. Unless you work at a library, of course. Another key takeaway. Men, if you’ve read between the lines, you got to spend more time at libraries. Straight up. Because that’s where the chicks, cougars, and silver-backs hang out. And you don’t even need a librarian to tell you that. To the aisles you go!

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2 Responses to do the dewey, or did you know?

  1. Fascinating stuff … as a retired librarian-archivist it all makes sense to me. It is a great and hugely varied career.

    Except, I don’t believe the “what a librarian is worth” figure for Australia. I wonder if they have included all people who work in libraries including what we call library assistants. My understanding is that a university qualified librarian working full-time would expect to *start* around $50K per annum. They won’t all of course, but in government and university libraries, the main employers, this would be pretty standard. A full time library assistant would very likely *start* around $30-35K.

  2. Excellent post, thanks for it.
    –A librarian

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