Jim Harrison, or did you know?

In addition to the usual pleasures of reading Jim Harrison, one is often treated to very interesting tidbits about the world and its inhabitants. Like, “What few people know is that Lake Superior stays so cold near the bottom that drowned bodies never make it to the surface. Bodies don’t rot and bloat like in other fresh water, which means they don’t make the gas to carry them up to the top.” And this bit of native American mythology, slightly recast by the wonderfully droll and humorous narrator in Brown Dog, “It was an Indian story from out west about when we were first on earth. Every time a man would screw he’d bleed to death because women had sharp teeth in their articles. It wasn’t until a coyote came along and pulled the teeth out that men could screw without dying and get the human race started. This is why the coyote is thought to be sacred.” Happy Friday.


One Response to Jim Harrison, or did you know?

  1. […] His is the body that won’t bloat and rot at such cold depths. […]

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