a word with you, please

Four people have said my recent posts were poetry.
No, they’re only experiments in spacing.
That and nothing more.
It’s a wholesome affair, really.
My sentences are leaner as a result.
Simpler and easier to understand.
I like pleasant shapes and patterns, too.
This gestalt intrigues me more than a paragraph.
Except the top line is too damn long.
I’m tempted to remove a word. Resisted.
I offer this explanation because you might suppose me of versifying
And not succeeding on a truly grand scale.
That and the experiment will continue till I’m tired of it.
Next: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.
If you’ve not read this story, take 10 minutes to do so.
It’s really quite extraordinary.
Till Tuesday.

Postscript. I deleted two words in the top line.


6 Responses to a word with you, please

  1. Kat says:

    I don’t know, Kevin: It looks like poetry to me.:) The first line balances with maybe the eighth and eleventh and thirteenth.

    I got out my Hemingway book, lost it again, and hope to find it before Tuesday.

  2. Or Google it, Kathy! Lots of etext versions of it. I hope to hear what you think of it. Cheers! K

  3. Bellezza says:

    I like poetry. I like simplicity. I like the template you’ve changed to.

    So often, less is more.

    A “spare” post is better any day than a wordy one, which takes more time and effort than I care to give. And it’s fun to experiment with words and patterns and shape and meaning.

  4. marlyyoumans says:

    It is the nature of things
    in 2013
    –also for some time prior–
    that people can
    debate the difference
    between poetry and
    prose, and yet
    never quite distinguish
    the two.

    This isn’t a poem either.

    It is a piece of prose that was caught in the blades of my lawnmower and scattered across the ground.

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