photo: Compassion | photographer: Magnuss | PHOTODOM.COM

I am new to the glories of photography, both as an amateur photographer and as a critic of photographic art. I think this image is perfectly sublime. Often storytelling compositions have a deep depth-of-field, enabling the photographer to layer subjects in a scene from foreground to background. It’s a wonderful technique and, as I’m learning, very difficult to do well. By contrast, this extraordinary photograph has a very shallow depth of field. But its power to tell a story is undiminished; in fact, deep focus would clutter the effect very quickly. I also appreciate the formal balance of colors and shapes, and subject and object. And the hands and the face and the blue eyes and the smock have held me rapt for days now since I first saw this image. It deserves wide circulation.

7 Responses to Resilience

  1. Yes, it is an amazing photograph – those hands….. the aesthetic qualities of the image all serve the emotion. Thanks for putting it on your blog.

  2. Kat says:

    She looks like someone in a Russian novel!

  3. Kat says:

    I was thinking of the old woman in Crime and Punishment, Alyona Ivanovna.:)

    Anna looks like Keira Knightley, I hear.

  4. Bellezza says:

    She is indeed mesmerizing…she seems a lovely woman, very brave and kind. I like how she’s not caught up in external vanity but seems more involved with issues of the heart.

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