“with my best thoughts”

Not that one.
The other: Schweitzer.
I read The Quest of the Historical Jesus in grad school.
It laid the groundwork for a whole new appreciation of the Bible for me.
A theologian, musician, philosopher, doctor, surgeon, and Nobel Peace Prize winner —
Albert Schweitzer is many things.
But today he’s a 90-year old gentleman,
Penning a thank you note to my aunt Kris in the last months of his life.
In September 1965,
Aunt Kris, 16, sent Albert a birthday wish;
Their birthdays were only a day apart,
Plus she was an admirer of his —
A fan of his anti-war stance and his reverence for life philosophy,
Minus the vegetarianism.
In a missive that’s partly templatized,
Albert wrote back in August.
Here’s the front side of the envelope.


And the back.

2The postcard shows the dock at Schweitzer’s hospital in Lambarene, Africa.

3Here’s the heart of the matter,
Where Albert thanks “Dear Miss Karlsten”
And signs off “With my best thoughts Albert Schweitzer”.


He died later that September.
I held the postcard today, thoughtfully, a lovely bit of minor history.
Here’s a press clipping from a local paper in Ontario, CA.



2 Responses to “with my best thoughts”

  1. Kat says:

    What a lovely post and postcard! I love the past. Oh, and “thank you warmly”: three of my favorite words. Your aunt was lucky.

  2. He seems like a fine chap. My aunt calls the postcard one of her prized possessions. Now it’s mine, all mine!

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