where i’m writing from

Am I still a book blogger or simply on hiatus?

“Aren’t you due for another blog,” asks Kathy of mirabile dictu.

Yes and no.

Although I’m certainly not an active book blogger at the moment, I’m still reading, always reading.

The Righteous Mind by J. Haidt validates Hume’s famous thesis that reason is and ought only to be the slave of the passions.

Where I’m Calling From by R. Carver, a bloke I’ve been wanting to read ever since I learned that he and I share many geographical locations in common, from Chico to Cupertino, and beyond.

Carver sits at the feet of the common. I like that, a lot. Blue collar gritty stuff.

Plus his prose is as addicting as Candy Crush.

Moral Tribes by J. Greene is a full-court press that smothers the idea of moral incommensurability and replaces it with a pragmatic understanding of utilitarianism.

His work is fascinating in that he combines first-rate philosophy with leading-edge neuroscience.

The result is a new appreciation of moral psychology. Highly recommend it.

J. Greene almost had the pleasure of meeting me in Berkeley. He doesn’t know this yet, but he and I will get along famously.

I’m confident that way.

Lastly, An Equal Music by V. Seth, a novel that roused me to enthusiasm early on with prose like “What I lost I have never come close to retrieving” and “I become the music of the scale. I mute my will, I free my self” but have since tired of the glacial plotting.

Beyond reading

Is there such a thing? No. Even when I’m on business travel, I read everything around me as though they were pages.

I recently boarded a plane early in the morning.


I landed in Honolulu and went for a glorious two-hour urban hike.


I saw signs…


…and tentacles and suckers. That, or “Aloha” in Braille.


Then I devoured the soft and juicy bits of things to sate my hunger.

4I looked out the window of my room.


I saw people lying in the sun near the pool.


I went for a swim and because decency requires that voyeurism not take the form of a clicking camera phone, you’ll just have to trust me when I say that I saw many beautiful people. The ugly young were pretty, and several of the old cougars were pretty, too. And even that pale German tourist wearing way too-tight James Bond swim trunks, even he was handsome after a fashion.

That is all.

5 Responses to where i’m writing from

  1. Miguel says:

    I find Carver’s prose absolutely repugnant! But I’m curious to read more on The Righteous Mind.

  2. Repugnant, why? BTW, I have a well-formed opinion on THE RIGHTEOUS MIND and am happy to share it w/ you depending on your level of interest.

    • Oh, sorry for only replying a month later. Repugnant in that it is simplistic, mundane, too prosaic for what I want of literature. I don’t see any beauty in it.

      As for The Righteous Mind, can we have a full post?

      • Funny, I like it because it’s simplistic, mundane and prosaic! Full post? I miss those days, I really do. I promise to swing by your blog in the next week or so. Cheers!

  3. Kat says:

    It took me a while to get here, possibly because I accidentally deleted my blogroll while experimenting with another design, and also I was in London when you wrote this. So glad you’re reading Carver. I loved him, and was very sorry when he died so young of cancer. Honolulu looks great!

    There is more to life than book blogging, so keep at all of it! Blog when you can.

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